Studying is for the birds.

The last three months have been complete and utter chaos. Sometimes absolutely blissful and joy-filled chaos and other times, well, not so much. I finished my last law school class (EVER) in mid-April and immediately transitioned into finals study mode. Fast forward through several weeks of a caffeine-induced haze and I also took my last law school final (EVER). Talk about a wild ride. I immediately jetted off to Destin, FL to spend a long weekend with one of my oldest and dearest friends and get some sunshine, salt air therapy. We had a blast. Two days after I got back, my family arrived in Little Rock for graduation, where I got one of the best surprises of my life thanks to my sweet husband and brother. What is the surprise you ask? Well, my brother, his fiancee (who is my best friend), and their two kids drove 18 hours from Phoenix, AZ to attend my graduation. They stayed for two nights and then turned around and made the trip home. Their kids are 2 and 4 years old. They were insane to do that and it was one of the most meaningful things that anyone has ever done for me.

On May 12, I graduated from law school. That will forever be one of the happiest days of my life. Three days after that, the movers came to pack up our little yellow house on Orange Street. I don’t care to say much about that other than it was a cluster f*ck of a disaster and will forever be one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. The literal day they finished, the husband and I jetted off for an adventure on the East Coast. We spent three nights in Boston with great friends before taking the Amtrak down to New York City for three nights. After my first NYC trip, I can definitively say two things: the city is a little stinky and I absolutely love it (the city, not the stink). Our next stop was Baltimore and Annapolis to watch another pair of great friends tie the knot. It was a beautiful wedding and a very fun-filled weekend spent exploring two more new cities. After that, things got pretty sad.

From Baltimore, I went home to an empty house in Little Rock and Husband headed East to our new (and also empty) house in Tokyo. I spent exactly 6 days at “home” (aka, our friend’s house who has graciously let me and the Murphy dog move in for a bit) before it was time to leave again. This time, I jetted off to Banff National Park to watch my step-brother get married. Their venue was the beach of a crystal-blue lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with an audience of 8. It was probably the most beautiful place that I have ever been. You should go. From there, I was off to Minneapolis for a three day weekend to watch a college friend get married in another one of the most beautiful venues that I have ever been to. After that, it was back to Little Rock and reality. I am still exhausted (can’t imagine why).

So far, Husband says Tokyo is amazing. We found out that we’re moving in to a three-bedroom home on Pease Drive that has just been remodeled. I’m excited to see for myself but FaceTime and photos definitely show some good potential. We’re also having a fence and a doggie door installed so things should be all ready for Murphy when we get there.

We’re making progress on our Little Rock house as well! After selling it the first time, the buyer backed out…5 weeks later. Its an incredibly frustrating story and I don’t care to go into it in any much detail either except to say don’t be like that guy. He is literally the worst. I even saw him at the gym last week and gave him the meanest look that I could manage because I’ll never stop thinking he sucks. After that catastrophe, we put the house back on the market and accepted another offer several weeks later. We officially closed last week Wednesday, June 28. So, hooray! We are no longer homeowners! (How often do you hear people excited about that?!) I also managed to sell our car last Friday, June 30…which was my last *major* pre-move task. Other than some random things here and there (and you know, taking the Bar Exam), I’m mostly ready to go.

This Sunday, July 9th, I am leaving Little Rock and heading north. Its bittersweet to think of leaving as this city has truly become my home over the last 3 years, but I know that its not good-bye forever…just a see ya later! I’ll spend a week or two in Wisconsin before making my last trek over to Minnesota to sit for the Bar Exam on July 25-26. Finally, on August 1, Murphy and I are Tokyo-bound.

This entire PCS (permanent change of station) has been pretty overwhelming and anxiety-inducing with all of the travel that I’ve had and the whole “studying-for-the-bar-exam-thing”. There have been good moments though…I am constantly reminded of the quality of my friendships and, ultimately, of the people in my life. Countless people have stepped up and stepped in to clean out cabinets, give me a ride, negotiate a car sale, move an appliance, listen to me bitch, etc. and its truly made all of the difference. I couldn’t have done it without any of you (you know who you are). So, thank you again.

It seems surreal that now, finally, the only thing that I have to do is stay focused on studying for the Bar Exam. So, thats what I intend to do. And *when* (not if!) I find out that I passed…its going to be because of all of the wonderful people in my life who refused to let me fail.

Kanpai for now friends!

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