The Gnazzos Got Some News

Hello all-

I know its been a bit since my last update but, for awhile there, there just wasn’t much to update. No longer the case! A few things have happened on our end. First, and most exciting, we sold our house! Well, its under contract pending inspection, but that sounds like SOLD to me. 601 Orange Street will now be home to another Air Force pilot and his girlfriend. Its a little ironic because our buyers are literally me and Dan 3 years ago. I’m willing to bet half of our neighbors won’t even know the difference.

Also, we got our orders! This is kind of a big deal because, really, until you have official orders, any assignment or move is not set in stone. Its unlikely that something might change between when you find out about your new assignment and when you officially get orders, but it can, and it has. Now, according to the Husband, it would take “an act of God” to stop us from moving. Like it or not, this train (or airplane) is moving.

We also have our official “move” scheduled for May 16-17…3 lovely days after law school graduation. This is when movers come to the house and pack up everything that we’re planning to take with us and put it on a boat to arrive in Japan in 8-10 weeks. I can keep with me whatever I may need (clothes) for the 2 months that I’ll remain in the U.S., but furniture and all household goods will be off and on their way.

On a semi-related but unrelated note, I also submitted my application to sit for the Bar Exam in July. Most people don’t know that you actually have to fill out a pretty lengthy application just to take the Bar Exam after law school. As long as you’re honest, its not hard to “pass” but it is a pretty time consuming and detailed process. (My application ended up being 50+ pages after I collected all of the info that I needed). Hopefully soon someone will tell me I have been “accepted” to study full time for 10 weeks during the summer in preparation for a 2 day test that is guaranteed to take a part of my soul with it (lucky me)!

More exciting-ly, the Husband and I have started a must see list for our time in Tokyo. AKA, we’re planning to travel our faces off. Though we haven’t made a lot of plans yet, I do think we’re going to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in Bali. We weren’t able to honeymoon after we got married because of school and work, but Bali in September/October seems like the perfect way to make up for it. We’re also planning to take as many weekend/short trips as possible. With that, please send any recommendations / must see’s / must avoids / must do’s / etc. for our time in Asia.

This also seems like a good time to formally extend an invite for everyone and anyone to come visit! We’d recommend that you start planning early-ish (or at least figure out when you’d like to come) and talk it over with us as we think (hope!) we will have a good number of visitors during our 3 year Japanese residency. The Google says the best time to visit is between March and May and October and December. *Note, this will be especially important if anyone is thinking of coming during the Olympics in 2020 (which are in Tokyo, FYI). We will have at least 1 guest room, but possibly 2, as well as a blow up mattress.

And I think that that is enough for now.



Submit that Sh*t!

Mailing off my 50+ page Bar Exam Application. #pleasedontstalkme